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The Commercial Package is a flat fee and includes the following:

  1. Initial Assessment: We provide voice actors with sample scripts to assess their commercial range.
  2. Script Evaluation: Upon receiving the completed scripts, we evaluate the talent's readiness for recording a voiceover demo. It is important to us that we only produce voiceover demos for individuals who are ready to work professionally. Taking your money for a demo that may not meet the standards of agents, casting directors, or clients would not be ethical. That's why the consultation part is provided for free. It also helps us understand the type of scripts we should write for your demo!
  3. Custom Script Writing: We create unique scripts specifically tailored to showcase each voice actors skills and range. No two demos are the same - each spot is written from scratch to showcase your unique skillset and areas of marketability.
  4. Rehearsal Session: Before recording, we schedule a short session via Google Meet or Zoom to prep. This allows us to review the scripts together and gives the actor time to ask any questions. We may also make tweaks to the scripts during the session.
  5. Recording Studio Session: The talent is then booked for a day at a recording studio in downtown Austin. Remote direction is also available if talent lives outside of Central Texas (just ask)!
  6. Editing & Post-Production: Our award-winning recording engineer, Jeff Wright, handles the editing and production of your demo. With over 2 decades in the industry, some of Jeff's engineering credits include the series Arthur, Franklin, Gwen Stefani's Kuu Kuu Harajuku, MTV’s Undergrads, Angela Anaconda, Alicia Silverstone's BraceFace, and Family Guy. You can learn more about Jeff's expertise at

We look forward to working with you to record something great!

Commercial Voiceover Demo Package

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