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Private Voiceover Coaching Online

Whether you're a new voiceover artist seeking a strong foundation or an experienced voice actor aiming to improve your abilities, we are dedicated to helping you refine your skills and expand your range!


Each coaching session is tailored to what YOU want to work on. Our goal is to improve your delivery, interpretation, timing, and overall performance quality.


We provide guidance on both commercial and animation scripts, whether you need help nailing a particularly tough audition, or want to explore detailed character work.


I feel SO LUCKY to have found this gem. I started out as a beginner with Steph and she went above and beyond what any other coaches did during the training we had together. She breaks downs scripts, directs you, finds what your strengths and areas for growth and pushes you outside your comfort level. I was humbled to start a new career but Steph’s patience and passion makes the whole process fun and exciting.
Her knowledge and training is extensive and she shows up 110% every time you work with her. She is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with and will continue to come back to her because she is such a wonderful person and I learned so much. (It’s also a never-ending-always-changing industry!) You will not be disappointed!
Jenna Gifford, Voice Actor
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