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The Art of Following Instructions in Voiceover Self-Tapes

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The Art of Following Instructions in Voiceover Self-Tapes Voice Actor Mistakes

As someone that has worked in casting in the voiceover industry, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper slating, adhering to casting directions, and precise file labeling in audition submissions. These seemingly minor details can have a significant impact on your audition's success!

Slating Your Auditions Slating serves as a brief introduction before your voiceover audition, where you state your name and the role you're auditioning for. It's crucial to keep this introduction concise, professional, and friendly, as it sets the tone for your performance. A common mistake is saying your name like a question , or 'up-speak,' which makes you sound like you lack confidence. A strong first impression through proper slating can significantly elevate your audition in the eyes of decision-makers. Some auditions require your name, agent, and location. Some auditions prefer you don't slate at all. Please read the instructions in every casting!

Following Casting Directions Do you provide 1 take or 2? Casting directors or clients often provide specific instructions for the audition, such as number of takes, desired tone, pace, or delivery style. Your ability to carefully read and comply with these directions is paramount. Tailoring your audition according to their requirements showcases your professionalism and adaptability as a voiceover artist. Failing to follow casting directions may inadvertently hinder your chances, regardless of your talent.

Labeling Your Audio Files Precise and consistent file naming is essential - triple check the exact instructions! A sample naming convention looks like your name, the project name, and the role you're auditioning for. For instance, "YourName_ProjectName_Role.mp3" allows casting directors to easily identify your submission amidst numerous auditions. Proper file labeling demonstrates your attention to detail and respect for the casting process.

Sending the Correct Email Subject

When submitting your audition via email, the subject line plays a vital role in organizing submissions. If they do not specify what they want the email subject to be, create a concise and informative subject line that mentions the project name and the role you're auditioning for, such as "Voiceover Audition for Project Name - Role." It will aid casting directors in managing their submissions efficiently. This thoughtful approach enhances your professionalism and ensures your submission receives proper consideration.

Importance of Attention to Detail Meticulously slating your auditions, adhering to casting directions, and using precise file labeling and email subjects collectively showcase your professionalism and dedication to your craft. These actions demonstrate that you are a reliable and conscientious voiceover artist who values the casting process and respects the client's time. In a competitive industry, these seemingly small yet essential gestures can greatly impact your success.

Mastering the art of properly slating your auditions, following casting directions, and accurately labeling your audio files and email subjects is vital for voiceover professionals. Attention to detail not only establishes your professionalism but also sets you apart from the competition. By dedicating a few extra minutes to these critical elements, you position yourself as a standout voiceover artist and increase your likelihood of securing coveted roles. Embrace these practices in your audition submissions, and watch your voiceover career soar to new heights. Happy auditioning!


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