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Website Requests

What's Included in the $700 USD Package:

  • A one-page website built on the WIX platform with a custom domain of your choice.

  • Mobile Optimization so your website looks great on phones and tablets.

  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your website will be submitted to Google Search Console so you can be discovered in Search Results.

  • The first year of WIX hosting and domain fees are included (over $250 USD value).  Once the website design is complete and approved, it will be transferred over to you.  You will have full control of it going forward.  After the first year is up, you will be responsible for the annual hosting & domain (payable to WIX) for as long as you choose to keep the domain live and active.  You can cancel this at any time by contacting WIX.

  • Each website is designed with “ease of use” in mind - we want you to feel capable of making small updates yourself in the future (uploading new demos, or adding new video projects to playlists, etc.).  If you require design updates, you can choose to make them yourself, hire Keep Dreaming Creative at an hourly rate, or hire another designer of your choice!

  • If you require additional pages or sections, they are $150 each.  A section or page is considered to be content that fits on a standard desktop screen.

Website Design Request Form

Here is a checklist to guide you on your way to building your website!

  • ​Please only fill out information you would like displayed on the site…

  • Skip any questions that don't apply to you. (Example: if you do not want your number / address displayed, leave that section blank)!

What Voiceover Services do you offer that you would like listed on your website? (Check all that apply)

Thank you - we'll be in touch!​​

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